Saturday, October 21, 2006

Big Ad... Trust's VERY big!

OMG, this is just one totally freaking awesome ad that just got me laughing and laughing and laughing!!

Trust me, it's worth it!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ed Helms On TDS Reports On Speedos

This is one reason why I LOVE Jon Stewart's The Daily Show compared to David Letterman! LOL!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Photo Gallery: Bon Odori Festival 2006 in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The President's Kiss

Vladimir Putin Kisses Young Boy On The Stomach

I think this is so very sweet of Russian President Vladimir Putin to kiss this little tyke on the stomach!

The boy is so utterly adorable! :-D

I went to look for this video after coming across this news item on CNN:

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My First Video here: A Clip from L'Or des Anges

Duo des Chats

I present to you a clip of a touching daydream scene from the exceptional 1998 French documentary film L'Or des Anges.

The two boys are actual boy choristers from Les Petits Chanteurs a la Croix de Bois.

It's weird, I know and some people might be uncomfortable by it because of the boys' expressive and intimate (in a playful way) but it's what we always hope and should expect from our kids - that they develop strong, loving, long-lasting relationships with their friends without the fear of being typecast or branded as 'freaks' by society.

If we really want a world of love, peace and harmony for our future generations, we should start by teaching them to love all people without any stigmatising and prejudice involved. The notion that boys should be macho and bottle up their feelings is one that is seriously flawed and should be challenged to the max. It doesn't mean that they'll end up as sissies and girly and effeminate just because boys expressed their feelings like the two 'cat boys' shown in the clip above.

This clip has made me want to locate this French film. Trust the French to make a documentary/film like this since that country has always been associated with 'love' 'relationships' and 'passion' for a long, long time.

AdSense Up!

Well, I did say that I want to move over to my new blog, but I decided that since cannot support Google AdSense, I might as well revive this blog as well as maintain my WP one. Only that this one will be more for posting videos and podcasts, videos mainly. So yes, this will be a vlog from now on.

Mostly what I'll do is I put up the link at my WP blog and link it here so that people can see the video here. And they're encouraged to click on the ads on top of my blog so that I get paid! :D Heh..., thank you Google! Though I may have to wait for quite a while to get my checks :D.

Have fun to this new look vlog!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Moving On and Starting all over

Greetings to all my readers here. Its been almost a month since my dad was struck down by tragedy and 2 weeks since his passing. The whole month of January was indeed a tough and very difficult time for all of us in the family.

But the time has come for us all to pick up the pieces and try and move on with our lives. No point in dwellingin the past as people all have to die one day. It was surprisingly easy to cope for us, I guess we were quite prepared for my dad's eventual passing that it was not so hard to accept. Indeed, I no longer felt any grief or pain over the loss of my dad but nevertheless, we all do miss him. He's at a better place now, that's all that matters.

And with that, I'd like to make an announcement that I will no longer be updating this blog. I feel that its time to spruce up the image of my blog and have decided that Blogspot does not quite present much options for me to do so, being incapable of writing HTML codes. Plus, I have grown quite weary of the way Blogspot looks so a breath of fresh air is in order.

Therefore, from now on, my blog will be relocated to a new blog server host - Word Press. The address is - Remember to bookmark it! ^_^

48 posts in all, this blog. In about a year. Not very prolific am I? *Sigh* I promise that at my new blog, there'll be regular updates - as regular as I can try. I'll be talking on a lot more things other than just my life story and movies and issues.

Wanna know more? Just head over to

See you all at Word Press!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Gone to his Heavenly home

My father passed away yesterday night, 10.30pm after a 2 weeks battle for recovery from his stroke attack. We are thankful that God has been merciful to my father and rather than prolonging his suffering, has chosen to take him home to be with Him.

The wake would be held tonight at 8.30pm at the PJ Casket and Crematorium in Kampung Tunku, PJ. The cremation and funeral would be tomorrow at 11.30am.

With love and regards,


Sunday, January 22, 2006

In Critical Condition

My father was warded again yesterday. He's condition has deteriorated all of a sudden and is now on life support. Its a painful time for all of us. He's breathing heavily and is slipping in and out of consciousness. I don't know whether he'll pull out of this alive. Half of me wants him to recover and half of me wishes for him to go... I don't want to see him suffer anymore, it hurts when you see someone you love very much have to go through pain and suffering in their last moments. It is not the way I want to see my father die. Unlike the West, euthanasia is definitely out of the question here where I stay. No chance for my father to go with the dignity a man like him fully deserves.

All I can do now is to pray that God will just ease his suffering and take him home soon. No point for him to recover and go through yet another suffering. My family has come to accept this for sometime now, so it wasn't exactly a shock. Pls continue to keep praying for him and my family. We certainly need the strength and will to go through this pain we are all feeling right now.

Thank you all.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Power of Experience

How do one begin to define the word 'experience'?

I spent the whole day mulling about this, thanks to a lecturer of mine who set us tasks to do even BEFORE we had our first meeting! Certainly, this lecturer is not to be messed with and always one to make a good first impression, I set about interpreting my own meaning of the word 'experience' and also with the help of the Web's most reliable source of information: Wikipedia.

From the way I see it, 'experience' is concept that we cannot live without nor can we avoid it. Everything we do, is a result of some form of experience, right? I don't know who said it before but I remembered someone quoted as saying that "Experience is the greatest teacher". And I wholly agree with that notion.

Based on Wikipedia, the concept of Experience is made up of having knowledge of or skill in or observation of some thing or some event gained through involvement or exposure to that thing or event. In layman terms, experience is simply knowledge/skill/understanding that was gained by a person through participation of an event or a thing. Experience = knowledge.

Once I understood this, I came to two conclusions: 1) Metaphorically speaking, experience is like many pieces of Lego that when added or joined together, it becomes a complete picture or thing. We build knowledge through our experiences in dealing with people, with life and with issues. There is no absolute knowledge - each experience shapes a different knowledge, either improving on a previous knowledge or substituting an old knowledge or gaining new knowledge. Am I making sense here? All these thoughts are really giving me a bad, bad migraine!

2) Experience guides us. There is no doubt about it. We learn from experience everyday. The process of acquiring experience is a non-stop, ever-going and lifelong process. The more we repeat an action, the more we become experienced in that action that we become an expert in that action. However, this is different from reptitions. We don't gain any new knowledge by merely repeating something we've already experienced. An 'experience' is called 'experience' when we gained new knowledge.

For example, today, I tried another attempt at side-parking, which I really hated because I am not good at it. However, by watching how mom does it, I gained a bit of experience from seeing how my mom did it and when I actually tried side-parking, it was not perfect, but I did managed it without scratching the car. What I had is another experience in side-parking. But does that make me an expert of side-parking? No! Once I relive the experience and continue to perform side-parking til I am confident in side-parking do I finally become an expert in side-parking. Similarly, having dabbled in Microsoft Word for years now, I cannot fully say that I am an expert in it, although I am an experienced user because sometimes I discover that I can do something new with Microsoft Word. That becomes another new experience in dealing with Microsoft Word.

It is no wonder that children learns best when it comes to learning through experience. Children, with their natural curiosity, are always eager to try, to do, to practice and be directly involved in new things, new experiences. This is the basis for the old proverb "Give a child a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach the child to fish, and you feed him the rest of his day." Show the child how to fish and he can fish for himself. Show the child how to tie his shoelaces and he can tie them himself. Show the child what happens when you play with fire and they will understand not to play with fire. Children have a great capacity to remember things that they learn and experience because their brains are like sponges, constantly absorbing knowledge and storing them away, ready to be recalled and pieced together to form a completed jigsaw puzzle.

Because of the child's great capacity to remember things and learn things quickly, I cannot help but stress on the importance of teaching children the RIGHT things and protect them from things that will do them more harm than good. It is usually the result of tragic experiences in a child's life that resulted in them having to grow up into killers, rapists, abusers and psychos. A child's mind is a fragile, precious thing. All the more important for us to protect them from the unsrupulous, evil people who seek to twist and pervert the children's minds by exposing them to the foulest acts imaginable. Don't you agree that children who grew up watching their fathers beat up mothers would think that it is okay to beat up women? Don't you think a racist is born when a child sees his father or mother treat a person of another race with contempt and disgust?

So, dear readers, do you now see the power of experience? Experience is the key to controlling a person. It's the most potent weapon, and in the right hands, experience brings forth fruit, but in the wrong hands - experience brings forth tragedy.

Now, I wonder how my lecturer would react if I spent the whole hour in class repeating what I've just typed all of the above? Now, THAT will be an experience she'll never forget! Unfortunately, I will not be taking her subject as I have decided to take another and leave this subject for next semester. Guess i'll just save this for next time. ^_^